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Hi Jo

Why is there no regional final in Auckland ­ are we supposed/expected to
travel all the way to Hamilton to see our movies and get votes in? There are
a number of Auckland schools participating this year and I thought the
screenings might be more accessible for us as they were two years ago.

Also for next years Movie fest ­ my I suggest a giving the title as this
year, and adding a week into the term ­ it is quite difficult getting movies
done while teaching classes as well ­ my team have had to spend many extra
hours after school, before school and lunchtimes just to get it done!
Just some suggestions as requested

Cheesy [Claire Cheeseman]

ichat: cheesenz at aim

Summerland Primary,
62 Summerland Drive,
Auckland 0612

Ph: 09 836 7460 - Fax: 09 836 7461  - clairec at summerland.school.nz -

On 10/8/06 3:16 PM, "Jo Booth" <jo at moviefest.org.nz> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Generally in the past if you haven't made the deadline through some
> reason or another, and you've paid for entry then we give you a free
> entry next time.
> As mentioned in the email we are running an Auckland screening around
> the 26th August - so do go and check out the movies! I've secretly
> watched one early entry and it's looking good.  We'll also have a DVD
> of the entries out - and there is some discussions going on at the
> moment about allowing distribution of your movies (past and present)
> internationally in UK, Eupore and China on mobile phone networks.
> If you've got any feedback that you can give so that next time we can
> make it easier for you all to make movies, then let us know!  It's
> difficult to cater for such a wide range of ages and talents, from
> primary to 76 year olds.. and there was some discussion about
> staggering the three categories or something to give some of you
> slightly better chance - what with holidays and such like.
> I'll be coming up to the Hamilton Screening, and Graeme Moffat,
> another of our trustees will be at the Christchurch one.
> While it's not an official position, don't stress too much if you
> don't make Fridays post. If you've completed a movie - send it anyway
> - while it may not be eligible to win - we'll do our best to make
> sure it gets seen.
> Also if you desperately trying to cut your movie down to meet the 5
> minute limit, then send us a directors cut ass well -- if there is
> room on the screeners, we can include a few more seconds -- but make
> sure you do also supply an eligible 5 minute version as well, even if
> you have to cut the scene where the hero dies :)
> -Jo.
> On 10/08/2006, at 14:55 , CAgoston wrote:
>> > We have decided that we will not enter this year but would love to
>> > see the
>> > others if this is possible and would like the opportunity to
>> > participate
>> > next year.
>> > Thanks Carolyn and Team at St Thomas's
>> >
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>> >
>> > Hi
>> >
>> > Now that you have *finished* making your movies, it's time for you to
>> > send them to us if you have not already. They must be sent to the
>> > Moviefest Charitable Trust, PO Box 40-732, Upper Hutt 5140,
>> > Wellington by 5pm Friday 11th August to ensure we receive them by the
>> > following Monday. We'll be sorting then on Wednesday 16th - so don't
>> > worry if you haven't heard from us before then.  Details of Movies
>> > received will appear gradually on http://MovieFest.org.nz/06/movies
>> > as we enter your Movie Details Forms - so check there if you're
>> > wondering if we've got it.
>> >
>> > The time for the judging process to commence is now upon us and just
>> > to remind you know how this will work, we will repeat the procedure
>> > for you.
>> >
>> > The judging will be done in three levels. The first or preliminary
>> > judging will check all movies for content and make sure they adhere
>> > to the time criteria. This will be done over two days in Wellington
>> > and will be a very time intensive activity. We are interested in
>> > inviting suitable people to come along and assist and if you are
>> > interested, please let us know soon. Entrants are welcome to offer
>> > their services but there will only be space for a limited number and
>> > they will not be able to vote for their own movie. At this stage we
>> > will be reducing the number of movies down to nine in each category.
>> >
>> > The second level of judging will take place at the regional finals
>> > where three movies from each category will be reduced down to one in
>> > each category and these will be judged by local video/film
>> > professionals.
>> >
>> > The best three movies from each of the three categories decided at
>> > the regional level will be appraised by the five judges who have
>> > already been announced. They are all experienced in the film and
>> > video industry and two can boast five academy awards between them.
>> > They are; Miranda Harcourt, a well known New Zealand actress,
>> > Rosemary MacLeod, a well known script writer and columnist, Hugh
>> > Macdonald, a director who learned his craft at the New Zealand
>> > National Film Unit, Alex Funke, a cinematographer who is currently
>> > head of the Miniatures Unit for Peter Jackson and Mike Hedges, a
>> > sound re-recording mixer at Peter Jackson's Park Road Post. The last
>> > two judges worked on both the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and King Kong
>> > movie winning academy awards for both projects.
>> >
>> > MovieFest Regional Finals
>> >
>> > The Northern Regional Final will be held at the Berkley Normal Middle
>> > School in Berkley Avenue, Hamilton on Saturday 26th August. There
>> > will be one hour long screenings at 1:00pm and 2:00pm and there will
>> > be a cost of $2.00 per person. Please make any enquiries about the
>> > Northern Final to hamilton.screening at MovieFest.org.nz
>> >
>> > The Central Regional Final will be held at the Time Cinema in
>> > Sutherland Road in Lyall Bay, Wellington on Sunday 27th August.
>> > Screenings will commence at 10:00am and will run hourly until 2pm.
>> > There is a cost of $4 per adult, $2 per child and $10 for a family of
>> > five and registered teams to MovieFest will get a 50% discount off
>> > this price. Tea and coffee will be available between screenings at no
>> > charge. Please make any enquiries about the Central Final to
>> > wellington.screening at MovieFest.org.nz
>> >
>> > The Southern Regional Final will be held at the St James School, 25
>> > Rowan Ave, Aranui, Christchurch on Saturday 26th August. There will
>> > be hourly screenings from 9:00am until 2:00pm. Please make any
>> > enquiries about the Southern Finals to
>> > christchurch.screening at MovieFest.org.nz
>> >
>> > There is also the possibility of a Northern Region finalists'
>> > screening at a school in Auckland. We will confirm details of this
>> > screening if and when they have been finalised.
>> >
>> > MovieFest National Final & Awards Ceremony
>> >
>> > The screenings for the national final will be held throughout the day
>> > in the Ilott Theatre in Wellington's Town Hall on Saturday 30th
>> > September. This will be followed by a ninety minute Awards Ceremony
>> > during which the prizes will be awarded to the winners, intermingled
>> > with an entertainment programme. Tickets to the screenings and Awards
>> > Ceremony can be purchased from Ticketek at a cost of $10 per adult,
>> > $5 per child and $25 per family of five. There will be a number of
>> > tickets provided at no charge to the nine finalist teams.
>> >
>> > The national winner of each of the categories will receive a prize
>> > package valued at $1000 courtesy of Panavision New Zealand Ltd. The
>> > two runners up of each category will receive prizes of iPod Shuffles
>> > from Renaissance Ltd, New Zealand's Apple distributors, and video
>> > editing software from Imaging Technology, respectively.
>> >
>> >
>> > Check the forums at http://MovieFest.org.nz/forums or the Discussions
>> > email list for feedback and discussion.
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