[Discuss MovieFest] submission and time investment question

Matt and Debbie Cowens mcowens at paradise.net.nz
Sat Aug 12 03:12:41 CDT 2006

Re: [Discuss MovieFest] submission and time investment questionHi all,

We made a film with secondary students this year - a bit too much teacher involvement to call it a school entry, but the team was 3 teachers and 4 students.

We made the film over 2 days of the holidays (brainstorm & script Tuesday, Shoot Wednesday).

We then spent several evenings editing - teachers doing the editing with no kids around.

If we'd been making a schools entry, with kids doing camera work and editing, we'd probably have needed 4 days of the holidays, one prep, one shoot, 2 edit.  We worked 11am to 4pm on the 2 days we did as a whole team this year.

  I'd be interested to find out how much time other (especially primary) schools were able to invest in this... With us, we basically had lunchtimes (only one last term to brainstorm ideas), 3 after-schools, 1 for scripting, 2 for filming (about 3 hrs each) and 1 extra after-school (lastnight about 4 hours) for editing... Prob about 50 hours total?
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